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      AssayPro—Human Serum Amyloid A4(SAA4) ELISA Kit(人血清淀粉樣蛋白A4酶聯免疫試劑盒)結構式圖片|AssayPro—Human Serum Amyloid A4(SAA4) ELISA Kit(人血清淀粉樣蛋白A4酶聯免疫試劑盒)結構式圖片

      AssayPro—Human Serum Amyloid A4(SAA4) ELISA Kit(人血清淀粉樣蛋白A4酶聯免疫試劑盒)

      品 牌:AssayPro   價 格:¥4760
      • 公 司:上海冠東生物科技有限公司
      • 產 地:美國
      • 聯系人:李小姐
      • 聯系電話: 400-821-7887
      • 聯系QQ: 369213329
      • 聯系地址:上海市寶山區長臨路913號北斗星商務大廈712室
      • 數量 大量
        供應商 AssayPro
        檢測限 0.06 μg/ml
        檢測方法 ELISA
        應用 血清、血漿、細胞培養上清液
        樣本 50 μl
        規格 96 wells
        assaymax human serum amyloid a4(saa4) elisa kit



        saa4 is a constitutively expressed protein which is a member of the saa family. saa4 is a major acute phase reactant and an apolipoprotein of the hdl complex. saa4 is constitutively expressed only in humans and mice; it is connected almost completely with lipoproteins of the high density range. the physiological function of saa4 is unknown, and its serum concentration has no association with those of other major apolipoproteins. saa4 mrna and protein occurrence in macrophage derived foam cells of coronary and carotid arteries implied a specific role of human saa4 during inflammation including atherosclerosis.
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